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Welcome to Panel Fastech

Panel Fastech Industries Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor provides advanced protection and safety solutions to varied industries. We offer locking, cable management and cooling and insulation services for which we import quality products. We have well-established distribution services spread across India ensuring timely delivery of products and solutions to customers.

We keep a close watch on market trends, identifying innovations that potentially benefit the customer from the functionality, aesthetic and cost perspective and incorporate them into our solutions. We have also fostered a culture of innovation in-house, encouraging our talented team to be creative.

Vision - Mission

Our vision is to work towards enhancing protection and safety in industries across the country and ensure that every industrial organization utilizes quality protection and safety products.

Our mission is to delight every customer with superior protection and safety solutions. We also aim to achieve leadership in the Indian market and thereafter extend our footprint to the global protection and safety space.

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Quality Policy

In an industry like ours, quality is of utmost importance to the customer. Any negligence on our part could lead to serious consequences. At Panel Fastech, the focus therefore is always on quality. Each product that goes into our solutions is sourced from quality vendors and undergoes thorough inspection. Also, our team ensures that our overall solution is top-class and meets the needs of individual customers. We have established stringent quality standards for ourselves and ensure that all our products and customized solutions meet them.